Thursday, August 25, 2011

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Director's Cut: Target Exclusive (DVD)

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Director's Cut: Target Exclusive
Release Date: 8/23/2011
Exclusive: Director's Cut, Necklace, Keepsake Box
Price: $29.99

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Director's Cut, Available exclusivley at Target comes in a collectible keepsake box with a limited edition Justin Bieber: Never Say Never necklace. The Director's Cut features 34 minutes of footage not seen in the original theatrical film.

Disc One:

    * JUSTIN BIEBER: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut
Disc Two:

    * Evolution Of A Tour:  A behind-the-scenes look at the tremendous effort that went into mounting Justin Bieber’s My World Tour including footage of the rehearsals, dance training and more.
    * Day Of The Concert:  Follow Justin as he prepares for the biggest concert of his career.
    * More Less Lonely Girls:  Justin sings to lucky fans across the country.
    * Life On The Road:  Hang out with Justin in this unique peek at what his life is like on a daily basis.
    * Sound Check Parties:  An all-access look at the exclusive pre-show parties.
    * The Dougie:  A montage of Justin and Team Bieber doing their best Dougie-dances.
    * The Rocket Ship Girls:  A closer look at some of Justin’s biggest fans.
    * Can You Sing “Baby”?:  Justin performs “Baby” for his golden ticket-winning fans.
    * White Chocolate Interview:  Justin hangs out with his friends.
    * The Director:  Jon M. Chu discusses his process in bringing Justin’s life to the big screen.
    * Digital Copy


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