Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mad Men: Season Five: Target Exclusive Bonus Disc (DVD)

Mad Men: Season Five: Target Exclusive Bonus Disc (DVD)
Release Date: 10/16/2012
Exclusive: Bonus Disc
Price: $29.99

Target has an exclusive Bonus Disc with Mad Men: Season Five on DVD.  The bonus disc includes an inside the Actors Studio interview.


Anonymous said...

I went to 6 different Target stores in my area looking for the Blu-ray Exclusive set and there were none, how limited is it for BD? the employees said they didn't see any for BD when they put them out? is the Bonus disc exclusive to DVD, because I did see lots of those. Any pics that someone might have of it? Anyone can help?

DB said...

I believe it was DVD only as well. and yes, I went to many different stores too. I have not seen any BD version with the bonus disc on other online forums. some studios only give out bonus disc on DVD versions, so I'm not surprised.

Admin said...

I updated the post guys, it looks like this is DVD only unfortunately.. Sorry for the misinformation.

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